The North Korean leader and his family receive a Corona vaccine


Reuters revealed, today, Tuesday, that the North Korean leader and his family had obtained an experimental Chinese vaccine against the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19”.

According to what the agency reported, Harry Kazianis, an expert on North Korea, said that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, had been vaccinated with a Corona vaccine and senior North Korean officials with an experimental Chinese vaccine.

He added that it is not clear which Chinese company has provided Kim, his family, and officials with the Corona vaccine.

He continued, “Kim Jong Un and many other high-ranking officials within the Kim family and the leadership network have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus during the past two to three weeks thanks to a vaccine provided by the Chinese government.”

On the other hand, North Korea has not confirmed any cases of Coronavirus. Still, South Korea’s National Intelligence Agency said that an outbreak there cannot be ruled out because it has trade and people-to-people exchanges with China.

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