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The medium who predicted the covid, reveals the end of the pandemic and 2021 predictions

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Nicolas Aujula is a psychic medium that has recently become known for his predictions of certain events and significant facts globally, particularly the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, the young man had predicted the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections. Recently, this medium shared his predictions for the year 2021.

Predictions for the end of the pandemic, also the defeat of Trump

Source: Paranormal Evidence

In 2018, Nicola Aujula predicted the onset of Covid-19. He had more exactly thought of the appearance of a “flu” in the world, like the Spanish flu—the latter which had ravaged many countries around the world from 1918 to 1919.

In March 2020, as the coronavirus continued on its way, the medium predicted businesses and the economy’s suffering. In addition to the restrictions that were going to be part of our daily life!

US Presidential Elections, Protests, Black LivesMatter

The medium had also had another vision—that of the defeat of Donald Trump in the American presidential elections and the fall of his administration. The rest, everyone knows!

Source: Paranormal Evidence

Nicolas Aujula also claims to have had a vision of demonstrations in 2019, including one linked to the Black Lives Matter movement, which campaigns against racism against blacks. Other protests, such as those that took place in other parts of the world. Especially in France and Nigeria, Nicolas had seen them too!

Who is this psychic medium who predicted the Covid-19 and the end of the pandemic?

Therapist, healer, hypnotist, astrologer, and “stylist of the soul,” as he calls himself, Nicolas Aujula has a gift that does not exist in everyone. He predicts events through the visions he has.

The 35-year-old, London-based, discovered this talent as a child. But it was not until the age of 17 that he had his first experience, discovering a good part of his previous lives!

Lion and queen of Egypt

The medium claims to have lived thousands of lives. In particular, he claims to have been a cleaning lady, a teacher during the French Revolution. Also, a deer, a queen of Egypt, and even a lion! He would also have lived in another galaxy.

Nicolas Aujula decided to drop his university studies to devote himself to regression therapy in past lives. During dreams that he has or wherever he is, he has visions, which can be linked to more or less important events. However, Nicolas claims to be not a special person and believes that everyone has a sixth sense.

Source: Paranormal Evidence

Nicolas predicted some of the biggest facts that marked the year 2020, namely the coronavirus pandemic and the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections.

But as he himself insists, some of these visions may be real, while others may be metaphorical and contain some hidden message.

For example, his vision of a hospital in flames may interpret how the health services, now at their wit’s end due to the pandemic, are handling the situation. A simple metaphor, then.

Source: Paranormal Evidence

But what about the year 2021? Naturally, the medium shared a few of his visions. Demonstrations around the world, epidemic, mass exodus, release of a new Harry Potter book… as well as other visions linked to some celebrities.

Tom Cruise, Meghan Markle, Peter Andre

Some stars have found themselves at the center of the British medium’s visions, who claims, for example, to have seen musician Peter Andres return to the song.

He also declares to receive the words “heart” and “Tom Cruise,” which would mean that the actor could suffer from heart problems or heartache because of a rupture.

Other stars like Nathalie Portman, Kim Kardashian, or Meghan Markle are also part of Nicolas’ visions. Will we see Prince Harry’s wife reveal secrets about the royal family on television? Or have a baby, as Nicolas Aujula thinks? The future will tell!

Nicolas Aujula predicted the coronavirus pandemic, the fall of Donald Trump, the demonstrations, etc. As for the predictions made for 2021, no one yet knows what could happen!

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