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A future technology for communication between American soldiers via brain signals

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The US Army is funding science fiction research so that US Army soldiers will be able in the future to communicate with their colleagues without speaking between them during operations, according to new research on decoding signals from the brain.

The results – funded by the US Army Research Office (ARO) for $ 6.25 million over the next five years – succeeded in separating the brain signals that affect behavior from other cues.

According to the defense technology website C4ISRNET, it could take two decades to develop this technology, but the initiative is being taken very seriously.

Currently, neuroscientists have announced that they have learned to decode and analyze the brain’s nerve signals that regulate behavior from the rest of the organ output. The team could use an algorithm to identify the brain signals that direct movement or signals related to the behavior and then remove those signals from Other brain signals, that is, signals unrelated to the behavior.

“Here, we are not only measuring the signals, but we can interpret them,” said Hamid Karim, a program director at the Army Research Office. “You can read anything you want, but that doesn’t mean you understand it. The next step after that is to be able to understand it.” Then step by dividing it into words, then you will be able to compose. ”

“In the end, this is basically the goal, for the computer to actually be in a fully interconnected mode with the brain.”

The researchers want the technology to reach a point where it can deliver results directly to the brain to alter soldiers’ actions in time-sensitive scenarios rapidly.

Researchers want the technology to reach a point where it can deliver results directly to 
the brain in order to quickly change the actions of soldiers (Reuters)

This can include the signals of stress and fatigue that the brain makes before realizing they are tired.

Researchers can allow the brain to communicate with computers and send signals to other soldiers. “You could have two people talking to each other without whispering a word,” said Karim.

“The first person talks to his computer, which can be in his pocket, and it can be his mobile phone or anything else, and then this computer talks with his teammate’s computer, and then the computer talks to the next person,” he added.

In experiments, researchers in American and British universities observed a monkey’s actions trying to reach the ball to separate the brain’s motor signals from other activities, and the researchers are now looking to recognize other signals outside of the movement.

The main aim of the research is to have the computer in two-way communication with the brain.

The development of the brain-computer interface is a long-term development in the technology industry, and Neuralink recently introduced the brain-computer interface, which it hopes will allow for the coexistence of humans and artificial intelligence.

Karim explained that the brain-computer interface used in combat scenarios is still a long way off.

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