United States: He pays 150 dollars to play with a leopard and it ends badly

An American named Dwight Turner finds himself completely battered after insisting on entering a black leopard’s cage.
The man has also spent more than 150 dollars to let him play with the animal. But he apparently hadn’t realized the danger.

Source: RFI

Last August in Florida, a 50-year-old Dwight Turner contacted a black leopard owner for a sensational experience rarely experienced by anyone.

So Dwight made arrangements with the owner of the leopard, whom he contacted via the internet. Therefore, the latter allowed him to have close contact with the feline in his cage and tickle his belly.

 The American wanted to take a picture with the black leopard.

For this, Dwight Turner paid the sum of 150 dollars to convince the animal owner to let him enter the cage.

And gives, once inside, the happy fifty-something, sat on a bench and even wanted to take a picture with the leopard. But the wild animal did not let it go at all: it attacked the man and seriously injured him.

The man gets attacked by the leopard.

Source: Animalaxy.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) report, the leopard did not hesitate to attack the unwanted intruder.

The black leopard, unfortunately, bit Turner on the head and ear. Fortunately, the helpers intervened in time to get the poor man out of the clutches of the wild animal. Turner was safe, but the leopard had seriously injured his head. He almost left him for dead.

Justice will have to punish this unconsciousness.

Dwight Turner’s wife later said her husband was very messed up. He even had to undergo two surgeries. Nevertheless, it is already a miracle that he is still alive!

As for the owner of the animal, he was indicted. He will have to answer to justice in early December. He is accused of allowing others direct contact with a hazardous animal. Under his responsibility, the wild animal was in captivity in insufficient security conditions.

In fact, the black leopard is not a pet.

Source: Anigaido

And at the end of the count, poor Dwight Turner now finds himself mutilated. He realized a little too late that you could not approach a wild animal without taking serious precautions.

In general, the man in search of adventure often forgets that the leopard is not a pet. Indeed, he is not used to living with men and can be very aggressive since he has never lost his predatory instinct.

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Accidents happen very quickly, and the smartest homeowners are often seriously injured. The black leopard is a hazardous wild animal.

Thus, the man who wanted to play with a leopard inside his cage had undoubtedly taken a great risk. It is certain, today he regrets his imprudence.

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