Maradona’s daughter cries in the stadium after a classy gesture from the Pocagonians :video


A match in the Argentinian League between Newell’s Old Boys and Boca Juniors honoring the spirit of country legend Diego Maradona, with his daughter Delma attending.

In the match hosted by the Alberto Armando “Bambonera” stadium, Edwin Cardona scored two goals for the Boca that were enough to give the team three match points.

Delma used to attend the Bocagnios matches with Maradona.

After scoring the first goal, the Boca players, who all wore T-shirts bearing the name of Maradona, gathered and went to stand in front of Dalma, the daughter of the legend, and greeted her and the spirit of her father, who put on a shirt for him in front of them.

After the match ended with the Boca victory, the players again greeted Delma, who used to attend Boca matches with her father from the same place.

Maradona died last Wednesday after suffering from illness, at the age of sixty, after writing his name in the round witch history. He achieved many individual and collective accomplishments, both with teams whose colors represented Argentine Boca Juniors, Italian Napoli, and Barcelona.

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