How to save WWE Undertaker from low viewership?


There is no more recent talk about the retirement of the famous man and wrestler Undertaker, famous for the undertaker in the Arab world, after 30 years in the corridors of free wrestling “WWE”.

Kevin Sullivan talks about how to use The Undertaker to improve WWE views

Kevin Sullivan, the former wrestler, said in statements published by the Indian website Sports Keda, that he is asking Vince McMahon, president of WWE, to contract with Undertaker for the next 6 months in order to return to the ring again and save viewership in freestyle wrestling.

Sullivan said that McMahon must know what the Undertaker wants and grant him in order to return to wrestling again and he will not refuse to return for only 6 months.

Undertaker had bid farewell to WWE in the presence of his former stars from the game and close friends in recent days, but he did not reveal his future plans after his retirement from freestyle wrestling.

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