Detention of 2 French police out of 4 officers accused of assaulting an African musician



The French authorities decided to detain two police officers, out of 4 police officers, facing judicial charges of assaulting an African origin music producer.

According to a judicial source, three police officers accused in the incident were charged with “deliberate use of violence by persons with public authority,” as well as “fraud.”

According to Agence France-Presse, the judicial source indicated that the authorities decided to detain two of the accused and release the two others on parole.

The French capital, Paris, and several other cities have been witnessing huge demonstrations for days in protest against the Comprehensive Security Law, which prohibits the publication of photos and videos of police personnel while performing their duties, and also provides for other materials related to the security forces’ use of drones and surveillance cameras, which sparked a wide wave From protests that developed into clashes between security forces and protesters.

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