America: Trump keeps pleading, Biden continues to choose his administration


On Sunday, US President Donald Trump ruled out that the Supreme Court would consider any of the appeals filed by his campaign against the presidential election results. At the same time, President-elect Joe Biden continues to select members of his new administration.

Trump has vowed to continue his legal battles to overturn the outcome of the November 3 election. Still, his statements made in a phone interview with Fox News indicate that he is close to conceding that Biden will move to the White House on January 20.

Trump’s team took a fresh blow on Sunday by completing a recount in the two largest counties in Wisconsin, which confirmed Biden’s victory in the crucial state by more than 20,000 votes.

Biden went on to select more members of his administration, with the Wall Street Journal reporting on Sunday that he had identified the most important members of his economic team.

Biden has also nominated prominent members of his campaign for the communications team and has named campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield as White House communications director and veteran Gene Sackey as a White House spokeswoman.

Biden administration

Despite Trump’s pledge to continue court appeals, few Republicans seemed to accept Biden’s victory.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt, chair of the congressional opening committee, said committee members expected Biden to be sworn in on January 20.

“We are working with the Biden administration, which is the potential administration, on both the transition period and the inauguration as if we are moving forward,” Blunt, who is from Missouri, told CNN. However, he did not come to the point of admitting a loss—Trump in the third elections of November.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson was one of the few Republicans to refer to Biden as the president-elect.

“It is the transition that matters. President Trump’s words are not that important,” Hutchinson told Fox News, adding that he understood the legal reason why Trump did not admit defeat.

Trump used his interview with Fox News to repeat his statement without evidence of widespread election fraud, allegations that many judges rejected.

But he expressed doubts whether the Supreme Court will hear any of the appeals that he said his team is presenting.

Regarding those appeals, Trump said, “We have to move very quickly,” while refusing to provide a specific date by which he considers that his options have been exhausted.

He added that he would continue to contest the election results, saying, “My opinion will not change within six months.”

Biden won the presidential election with a majority of 306 votes in the electoral college, which is well over the 270 required, compared to 232 votes for Trump. Biden also leads Trump by more than 6 million votes in the popular vote.

Trump has so far refused to concede his defeat. In contrast, his campaign and his legal team have lost dozens of lawsuits due to the judges’ failure to be convinced of electoral irregularities in states including Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, which collectively constitute decisive factors Biden’s victory.

Source: Reuters

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