After a foot injury, Trump expresses his wishes for a speedy recovery for Biden



US President Donald Trump expressed his wishes for recovery to his Democratic rival, President-elect Joe Biden after the latter sprained his ankle after slipping while playing with his dog.

President Trump wrote in a tweet on Monday, accompanied by Biden’s video after receiving treatment for his injury.

According to his doctor, an X-ray examination showed that President-elect Joe Biden suffers from a broken leg after falling over the weekend, ABC News quoted his doctor.

Kevin O’Connor, the attending physician to the president-elect, said in a statement that Biden would likely need walking shoes for “several weeks,” according to NBC.

O’Connor added, “The initial X-ray did not show any clear fracture, but his clinical examination included a more detailed imaging.”

A successive CT scan confirmed the occurrence of (small) hairy fractures in President-elect Biden’s foot.

Biden’s office had announced in a brief statement that he had “sprained” his ankle after falling to the ground while playing with his dog on Saturday.

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