A man comes to a wedding with his 6 girlfriends who are all pregnant with him.

A Nigerian influencer by the name of Mike Eze-Nwalie has been the center of attention for the past few days. Indeed, this one showed up at the wedding of one of his friends with 6 pregnant women.
Most shocking is that Mike claims that all of these women are pregnant with him. Eh yes ! You read correctly. As unbelievable as it may be, the man says he is having the best time of his life.

The man steals the show from the newlyweds with his 6 pregnant girlfriends


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The marriage of Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba and Brunella Oscar is not about to be forgotten. And for good reason, a very particular man showed up at the wedding with his 6 friends all pregnant with him. This is Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, owner of a nightclub in Nigeria.

Known on social media as Pretty Mike, the man, invited to the wedding, showed up wearing a hot pink collarless suit with 6 lovely pregnant women . And the outfits of the latter did not go unnoticed as well. The women wore silver outfits with different designs. Some of them were indeed wearing dresses and others were wearing pants and crop tops.

Special attention paid to them

Not only did their outfits make them the most noticed guests at the wedding, but the most shocking thing was when the man confided that these pregnant women were his friends and that he was the father of these future babies. . This focused attention on them throughout the ceremony, to the detriment of the bride and groom.

A lifestyle that seems to suit him

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Renowned for his escapades, the man is also famous in Nigeria for his life as a playboy. And the Nigerian Hugh Hefner likes to show off his unusual lifestyle . In one of his articles, he went so far as to confide that he wanted to have at least 5 wives. And each time, Internet users wonder what surprise, the accustomed to dramas, will reserve them. And the man did not disappoint them by going to the wedding with his pregnant girlfriends.

Mike later posted a viral photo and video on Instagram of him taking turns kissing the bellies of his pregnant girlfriends. And for those who think it’s cinema. Mike assures in a message accompanying the post that it is not a movie. Besides, he added that he was living his best life .

An extraordinary way of life

In another video, the man asked his followers to name his lifestyle, which he describes as “exciting.” In this video, we saw him, in bed all smiles with four women. On the other hand, we saw him being washed in the shower by two other women. A behavior that many do not approve of and qualify as macho.

Man gets criticized with his 6 pregnant girlfriends who came to the wedding


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As expected, the man has been subject to a lot of criticism since posting his photos and videos with his 6 pregnant girlfriends at William’s wedding. Some do not believe his story. Seeing the uncomfortable look of young women, many Internet users accused Nwogu of having hired models to create a buzz with a new scandal .

Some people point out that the man is mentally unstable, macho and selfish. And, they find Mike’s attitude very disrespectful to the lucky ones. However, his supporters showered him with praise. There are even some admirers who have asked him if he conceived all the babies in the same week.

A man used to scandal

Besides, this is not the first time that Mike has caused a scandal at a wedding. Indeed, her entry into a wedding in 2017 has always remained anchored in people’s minds. Indeed, Mike had arrived with two women whom he was walking on a leash like dogs, shocking all the assistance.

We will certainly have seen everything in this world! Being a regular on the facts, Mike doesn’t seem to care about criticism. It remains to be seen how he will manage the simultaneous birth of 6 babies.

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