The friend of the Argentine legend: Maradona let himself die


Stefano Cisse, director and friend of Diego Armando Maradona, stated that the Argentine legend got tired and let himself die, while the family around him was “tearing each other’s hair.”

“There is an investigation into the death of Diego, and people are now pointing the finger of blame at what could have been done, but this is a concept that should extend to his whole life,” said Stefano Cisse, a Maradona business manager, in comments reported by Football Italia.

He added: “Diego was always lonely. People only thought about Maradona. Diego stopped being himself when he was 17 years old. It was tough to deal with him because he was fragile, full of insecurity, modestness, and kindness. I have 20 years of wonderful memories with him.”.

And Stefano added: “Recently he was leaving himself, both physically and mentally, I think he was tired and let himself die, and he no longer really wanted to live.”

He emphasized: “The family chaos that surrounded Diego means that he did not enjoy real peace. Even now, after his death, they are still tearing each other’s hair.”

Stefano concluded his remarks: “At least he can now be with the people he loves most, his mother and father, now Diego is in peace.”

And he had announced the death of the former Argentine star at the age of 60, at his home in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, after suffering from severe heart failure, leaving behind a great football legacy, despite the many health problems addictions that plagued his life and career.


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