Producer beaten up by police in Paris: I did nothing to deserve this


On Saturday, November 21, a producer was beaten up by police for not wearing a mask. The video of the scene, broadcast on Thursday, November 26, shows shocking images that quickly make the rounds on social networks.

Thus, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on Tuesday against four police officers involved in the violence committed against the black man for “violence by a person holding public authority” and “forgery in public writing.” The latter were then placed in police custody on Friday.

Has producer beaten up by police officers: what happened?

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On Saturday, November 21, in a recording studio in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, three police officers beat up Michel Zecler, a music producer at the head of Black Gold Studios. The reason? He was not wearing a mask.

According to the police version, they explain that they wanted to carry out an identity check after spotting the thirty-something without a mask in the street. They also state that the man smelled a “strong odor of drugs.” And that’s not all!

The agents also assure that Michel Zecler would have tried to take their weapons. According to him, he hit them. They also claim that the man was even becoming “dangerous.

Unheard-of violence

But the studio’s CCTV footage, released by Loopsider, shows a much different scenario. While Michel Zecler is holding on to avoid being led out into the street, he has been punched, kicked, and clubbed by police in the studio entrance. At no time does he seem to be striking.

The scene then ends when the artists in the basement of the studio are alerted by the screams. At this moment, the police leave and then try again, with reinforcements, to force the door. One of them later goes so far as to throw a tear gas canister inside the studio.

In other videos, filmed by residents, officers are seen ordering the producer to exit while pointing their weapons. Once outside, the man will receive more blows of incredible violence yet. The latter says that “without these images, I would be in prison today”..”

Producer beaten by police officers: an open investigation

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Following this shocking event, to say the least, the producer filed a complaint with his lawyer at the IGPN headquarters in Paris. “I just want the job done,” he said.

Thus, the prosecution indicated that three of the four police officers, who were suspended from work on Thursday, have been placed in detention since Friday and charged with intentional violence in gatherings with racist weapons, as well as on charges of “forgery in public writing and storming of a person’s home. Has the public authority and willful damage to private property.

A fourth policeman was suspended.

A fourth police officer, suspected of throwing the tear gas canister into the music studio, has been suspended. He, too, is in police custody for “willful violence by a person holding public authority, with a weapon and in a meeting, as well as for deliberate damage by dangerous means.”

However, the proceedings against the victim for “violence against a person holding public authority” and “rebellion” were dismissed.

Producer beat up by police officers: an argument against article 24

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Not surprisingly, this video moved more than one person. Emmanuel Macron also denounces images “which make us ashamed.” The President of the Republic is now asking the government to make “proposals.” And this, to “fight against discrimination.”

Also, several political figures took the opportunity to call for the abandonment of Article 24 of comprehensive security. Among them, the MEP for Place Publique, Raphaël Glucksmann.

A commission responsible for proposing to rewrite article 24
“No image on the networks, no public outcry, no embarrassment of power, no reaction from the minister, no punishment of violent and racist police.” And if there is no justice, there will be “no democracy,” he summed up.

In the face of an outcry over article 24 of the draft law on global security, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the creation of an “independent commission to propose a new writing.”

“Unsustainable video.”
We must believe that the producer beaten by the police caused a real controversy. So much so that several athletes have also reacted to the images published on the Web. This is the case with Antoine Griezmann. But also Kylian Mbappé.

The latter wrote on Twitter about the beaten producer: “Unsustainable video,” “Unacceptable violence.” And he’s not the only one to think so! Michel Zecler’s video actually moved the whole of France.


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