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An elderly woman over 100 defeated the 1918 pandemic and Corona 3 times

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She was born under the Spanish flu over 100 years ago and was infected with it as a baby, and after she was over a century old, she was infected with the Coronavirus and overcame it.

Below, I summarize the story of the Italian perennial Maria Orsinger, who completed her hundred first year last July, the details of which were reported by the Milan Courier newspaper.

The newspaper says doctors are confused and do not find an explanation for the case of the Italian perennial, especially after tests showed she had the epidemic that causes “COVID-19”, and then she survived it.

Maria was born on July 21, 1919, shortly after World War I, and in the outbreak’s middle of the Spanish Flu, the most deadly epidemic in human history.

It was natural for the little girl to be infected with the epidemic which afflicted a third of people, but Maria was one of those who survived it.

She got married at the height of World War II, and there was no loud wedding party then, but the sound of bombs everywhere, and once again Maria, who became a girl, escaped from death during the crazy war.

She had 6 children and kept caring for two more children of the widowed man she married.

Maria lived most of her life in the Valtellina region in northern Italy, near the border with Switzerland, and there the Italian farmer spent time between fields and raising animals.

The Italian long-lived with grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and in 2009 she moved to the house of one of her daughters, then in 2014 to homes for the elderly.

Last spring, the Corona pandemic swept Italy, as it is in most countries of the world, and this country was among the most affected during the first wave of the epidemic.

And the Italian newspaper, quoting her daughter, says that her mother had tested positive three times within nine months. “The test did not leave any doubts. She had COVID-19, but my mother was fine,” said daughter Ennis.

The Italian perennial did not suffer from chronic diseases, except for those aches that befall people after old age, and this may be because of the region in which they lived and the nature of their diet.

The daughter mentioned her mother recovered after receiving the treatment, and she said, “We thought the worst was over.” But this was not the case, as she had symptoms of the disease again last September, especially fever.

As a result, the mother was admitted to the hospital again, and she stayed there for 18 days. She said, “The medical team at the hospital called us daily, during that period, amazed at the strength shown by my mother.”

The daughter quoted the doctors as saying that the symptoms were not severe, so it did not lead to breathing problems, and difficult cases suffer because of the disease, which surprised the doctors and nurses, as the treatment was more precautionary than anything else, in anticipation of the deterioration of her condition.

And again, Maria survived the virus, but that was not the end, as the children received a call that stunned them in late October, as the results of tests in the nursing home in which the Italian aged lived showed that she had the disease.

What added to the intensity of the surprise was that the mother was the only one whose result was positive, and with no symptoms, and the daughter said the doctors could not explain the matter.

The newspaper says, quoting experts, that few of the Corona patients were infected more than once, and it is not excluded that the tests were inaccurate or that the virus remained in the bodies so low that it was not detected.

But this does not mean that the story of the Italian perennial is confused by all standards, as being infected with the deadly virus and surviving from it at the age of over a hundred is very difficult.

The children breathed a sigh of relief after their mother was discharged from the hospital.



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