A Greek minister was taken to hospital after contracting Corona


Athens – (AFP):

Greek Minister of Shipping, Yannis Blackiotakis, announced on social media that he was admitted to hospital, Saturday due to his infection with the new Coronavirus.

The 52-year-old politician confirmed Tuesday that the results of the examination he underwent had tested positive for the virus. Still, he announced in a statement that he intended to stay at home for the time being.

Greece is experiencing a second wave of the emerging coronavirus pandemic that has necessitated a general lockdown. At a time, the country’s health system suffers from an increase in the number of Corona patients whose conditions require ventilators.

On Saturday, the Greek authorities announced a record number of deaths due to corona infection, which reached 121 new deaths within 24 hours, which brings the total number of deaths to 2,223, while the number of people in intensive care units due to Corona rose to 606 injured.

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