Paris: Thousands of protesters protesting against police violence with tear gas confronted

Masked protesters throw stones and fireworks at police and set up roadblocks


According to the Anadolu Agency website … Police in the French capital Paris fired tear gas at demonstrators protesting the police violence on Saturday after masked demonstrators threw stones and fireworks at security men and set up roadblocks.


The French website “bfmtv,” published video clips of “demonstrators setting fire to some public property in the streets of Paris and clashing with the police while trying to prevent access to some streets.”

On Saturday, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in several French cities to denounce the controversial “comprehensive security” law, considering the escalation of police violence towards protesters.

France 24 reported that “the organizers of dozens of gatherings in France consider the law violates freedoms in a country that has been rocked since Thursday by a recent case related to police violence.”

The bill limits the publication of pictures of police officers while they are working, with a one-year prison sentence and a fine of 45,000 euros for anyone who publishes pictures of a police officer’s face, gendarmerie, or any identification mark while performing his job in order to “inflict physical or psychological harm on him.”

The bill also establishes a framework for the use of surveillance cameras and drones to combat terrorism and monitor demonstrations.

The demonstrators believe that the draft law aims to undermine freedom of the press, the media, and freedom of expression.

Besides the participation of left-wing traditional bodies, trade unions, and civil society, many personalities joined the demonstrations taking place under the slogan “France is not a country of police violence and abuse of media freedom.”

The French government affirms that “the bill aims to protect individuals who are exposed to hate campaigns and calls for murder on social networks while revealing details of their private lives.”

Controversy raged in the country over the issue, after the police dismantled, on Monday, a camp established to house hundreds of refugees in central Paris, and prevented food aid from reaching it.

While the condemnation reached its climax, Thursday, when surveillance cameras were published showing 3 police officers severely beating an African-American music producer.


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