Do you feel depressed in the winter? This dish improves mood and fights depression.


With the entry of winter, many suffer from what is called “winter depression” or seasonal depression, because of a change in the biological clock, a decrease in the number of daylight hours, a decrease in the amount of sunlight that may affect some people with a change in mood and a decrease in the level of serotonin.

Despite the ability of many foods to get rid of frustration and the rise of the hormone of happiness in the body, such as chocolate and other sweets, a recent American study revealed that lentils have a close relationship with the ability to improve mood and eliminate feelings of frustration.

The study, published on the “health line” website, revealed that lentils are one of the most important foods that fight depression because they contain folic acid, a vitamin from the B family of vitamins, where people who suffer from a deficiency in folic acid are among the most vulnerable to depression.

According to an American study, which revealed that 40% of those diagnosed with depression suffer from a deficiency in this vitamin, so they must eat a small plate of cooked lentils daily until they get their need for folic acid.

Lentils also contain zinc, which is an effective treatment for depressed people who suffer from a deficiency of zinc in the blood cells, which negatively affects brain function.

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