10 amazing things you’ll see for the first time in your life


We spend so much time on the Internet that we have the impression that we have seen and know everything. So now it becomes tough to impress us. However, some unusual and surprising things are not known to exist and have hitherto been lurking in the depths of the World Wide Web.

  Today, we invite you to discover 10 amazing things that you will see for the first time in your life.
  • A golden chicken: To see for the first time

Source: Youtube

How about d  a fast-food luxury? Granted, it doesn’t seem to rhyme correctly. Luxury is often found in restaurants with renowned chefs and exquisite gourmet dishes, but it is rather hasty dishes in fast food.

However, in New York, in a snack bar called “The Ainsworth,” we managed to distinguish ourselves with a recipe for the least original. Indeed, this snack offers the most expensive and delicious chicken wings sprinkled with 24-carat gold in the world.

Crunchy and irresistible chicken

This dish is prepared and cooked like most chicken wings found elsewhere. They are brined for half a day, coated with a homemade marinade, then baked and fried. It is only then that we bring them this irresistible crunch.

  • Ice instruments

Source: Youtube

Thanks to Tim Linhart, a 59-year-old American artist who once had the crazy idea of ​​creating ice instruments, a large igloo in the heart of the Italian Alps in the north of the country, in the ski resort Passo Paradiso, 2 600 meters above sea level, hosts the concerts of a real ice orchestra.

Local musicians come to participate, in front of 200 people while the temperature is -12 ° C. Originally from Colorado, Tim moved to Lapland to indulge his passion for creating musical instruments by sculpting ice.

An incredible thing that we have never seen

He has already built, mostly in frozen water, a violin, a viola, a xylophone, a double bass, a mandolin, a cello, and a “Rolandophone,” a percussion instrument of his invention.

Source: lavoixdunord

When this sculptor started making them, the instruments often exploded, but now it happens less and less.

Likewise, due to their weight and fragility, many of them are suspended from mountaineering carabiners connected to steel cables attached to the igloo ceiling.

Also, to embellish the show, multicolored lights emerge from the various devices. Thus, colors and sounds mix for a sublime and original show.

  • Wooden objects without nails or screws

Source: Youtube

In terms of carpentry, our Japanese friends teach us a method called “Nejiri Arigato.” This traditional and ancestral practice consists of cutting wooden planks very precisely to fit together perfectly and build furniture or frames.

Thus, this ingenious process of great precision does not require drilling or nailing. This technique of assembling wood and allowing a very aesthetic finish allows obtaining an extreme solidity.

Impressive objects to see for the first time

Indeed, its notches and sliding wood system allows the parts to be welded together so that they do not move. Creative and playful, each piece assembled gives a very harmonious visual result to the point of giving the illusion of having no joints.

In this sense, this technique is even used in architectural carpentry; whole houses can be built in this way.

Suddenly, with “Brickawood,” which replaces concrete bricks, the construction of a home is easily and quickly carried out while ensuring performance and waterproofing. Also, it is less expensive and very ecological. What do you think? Isn’t that great?

  • Incredible things: an innovative technique to treat burns

Source: Youtube

Scientific discoveries will never cease to amaze us. Moreover, researchers in different fields, including medicine and pharmacy, test various natural materials to extract the benefits and uses.

In this sense, a team of Brazilian doctors has developed an innovative technique to treat burns. In fact, they use fish skin, more exactly that of tilapia, which they apply, after sterilization, in the form of patches, directly to the skin lesions following second-degree burns.

Source: daily media

Thus, this fish’s epidermis, which is very rich in collagen, would avoid suffering for patients and would be more economical than biological dressings made from pigskin or from human amniotic membranes, which surround the fetus during pregnancy.

And if the classic bandages made of gauze and moisturizing ointment have to be changed every day at the cost of very great pain, the skin of this species widely consumed in Brazil can stay in place longer.

Wonderfully, it also accelerates healing for several days and reduces the need for analgesics, thus providing a soothing and healing effect at the same time.

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