United States: Donald Trump will leave the White House if the electoral college votes for Joe Biden


In the absence of a formal concession, the American president announced Thursday evening that if the electoral college confirmed, on December 14, the election of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, he would leave the White House.

US President Donald Trump said Thursday, November 26, that he would leave the White House if the US electoral college votes for Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

The Head of State announced during the traditional speech to members of the American armed forces on the occasion of the Thanksgiving celebrations.

The American electoral college is due to meet on December 14 to appoint the United States’ new president.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the presidential election on November 3 with 306 votes against 232 for Donald Trump.

The investiture of the new president is due to take place on January 20. Donald Trump did not say if he would attend.

With AFP

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