The assassination of a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist … and Tehran vows to respond


On Friday, the Iranian Ministry of Defense confirmed the killing of the prominent nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, shortly after he was targeted near the capital, Tehran.

In a statement on the official TV website, the Iranian Ministry of Defense said that Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, who took over the leadership of its research and development organization, was “seriously wounded” after his car was targeted by the attackers and clashed with his escorts.

She indicated he died in hospital after the medical team tried to revive him.

Earlier, the Iranian Fars News Agency reported, “Armed terrorist elements attacked a car carrying Zadeh, head of the Research and Innovation Foundation at the Ministry of Defense, on Friday afternoon.”

She explained that during the clash between his security team and “terrorists”, the scientist was seriously injured and then taken to hospital.

Hossein Dehghani, the military advisor to Khamenei, pledged to “target” the killers of Zadeh, saying in a tweet: “We will strike like lightning for the murderers of this martyr, and they will regret their action.”

Source: Sky News

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