A hunter reports to the police a deer whose rifle was stolen


The magic turned against the magician after a hunter tried to catch a deer, and the latter stole his rifle, and the Czech police were required to intervene in order to help in an unusual situation.

One of the deer turned the tables on the hunters and grabbed a stalker rifle on its antlers before escaping with it away and escaping his life in its natural environment and not submitting to captivity.

The police said that a dog was being deprived of the neighborhood, frightening the deer, and ran toward a member of the hunting group, tore off his sleeve, and stole a strap of a .22 Hornet rifle onto its horns.

The police added, “The rifle that the hunter had hung on his left arm, fortunately without ammunition, slipped on the antlers and disappeared with him.”

The Czech police said another fisher discovered the deer, one kilometer away, and was still carrying the rifle, and the hunters searched the forest, but they did not find the gun.

According to police press releases, “Al-Sayyad had no choice but to report the accident to the police, and that anyone who finds a weapon should contact the authorities.”

Deer are known as fast animals and some of them can run at speeds of up to 100 km/hour, which is equivalent to 60 miles per hour, or run at a constant speed of 50 km/hour, which is equivalent to 30 miles per hour, and some deer can precede even the greyhound dog deserting and there Over 30 species of deer.

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