That is why Maradona is the best in football history

         Pele (right) and Maradona holding each other's shirt (European News Agency)

Many football stars have achieved great success with the help of talented teammates; But Maradona was an exception, and he made glory from nothing, which makes him deserve to be the best in football history.

Writer Bobby Ghosh says in an article for the Indian site “The Print” that football fans these days are very lucky. Because they can constantly watch the skills of their favorite players, led by stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and to argue through a large number of videos on YouTube about the best player; But that was not available to fans of the legend Diego Maradona, who passed away yesterday.

When Diego was at the height of his glory and crowned the throne of world football, most fans around the world could only see his glimpses of genius on the field every 4 years, when he was participating with Argentina in the World Cup Finals.

The writer confirms that Maradona’s legacy has survived only a few videos documenting the most beautiful moments of his career, foremost of which is the legendary goal he scored against England at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico on June 22, 1986.

Although these clips – as the author says – show the inimitable talent that Maradona enjoyed; However, because of the lack of it, it is not sufficient evidence to confirm that he was the best of all.

What makes the judgment more difficult, according to the writer, is that some nominate players who preceded Maradona, such as Hungarian Puskas, Argentine Spaniard Di Stefano, Brazilian Bailey, German Beckenbauer, and Dutch Cruyff, for the title of the best player in history, despite the different ball laws at that stage and the diversity of positions These players.

The best

Despite all this, the writer believes that Maradona was the greatest footballer in history. He played during his career in teams that do not include high-class players, yet he achieved unrivaled success and ascended the ladder of glory with modest tools.

Among the most prominent examples of this, according to the writer, is Diego’s career with Napoli, with which Maradona won several championships without having prominent stars in his ranks except for Maradona.

And when the Argentine signed with Napoli in 1984, the Italian club South had never won the league before.

However, the dream began to grow, little by little, with the charming “golden boy,” the leader and the great player, who took the team to the podium.

As for the national team, things were a little better, according to the writer, as he played alongside Maradona, some distinguished players, and the team managed to win the 1986 World Cup and reached the final in the 1990 edition.

The writer adds that the current football stars have great support outside the stadium to cope with pressure, as PR teams and psychologists work with them, which Maradona has not had. However, he did his best in clubs and the national team, and in the end, “the burdens of his unique genius ruined him.”

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