How much money will legend Tyson earn for his upcoming fight?


Mike Tyson will return to the boxing ring for the first time in 14 years when he faces fellow legend, Roy Jones Jr., on Sunday, in a boxing match.

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While the event was originally scheduled to occur on September 12th, the date has been pushed back to November 28 instead.

On the other hand, Roy Jones Jr. has only retired for two and a half years. Mike Tyson created a “League of Legends,” and while he intended to take on his longtime rival, the legend Evander Holyfield, this did not materialize, and he will face Roy Jones, Jr. instead.

It will be an interesting match, but it has to be made clear that it will not be a war in any way. Some have described it as a sparring session, and that’s not far from the truth – the boxing showdown will see eight rounds each round for two minutes with no ring front row judges present and no knockout either.

The goal in doing so appears to be to protect both Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. – who are 54 and 51 years old, respectively.

Tyson profits 

According to Kevin All of Yahoo! Both Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. are set to win a staggering sum for this event.

All indicated that Mike Tyson would get $ 10 million from that match, while his opponent will get $ 3 million.

Why Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Already Justified the Higher Salary

It’s a very high number, but it’s not surprising to see it given the hype the showdown is about.

The fight will take place inside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and while the crowd could have given it a completely different feel, it will take place behind closed doors like most sports in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Tyson revealed on Twitter that the confrontation had already “shattered” pre-fight sales records, although there was no mention of how successful the event was.

Mike Tyson alone is the name that demands such a price, and it is not surprising to see the hype around the showdown.

The referee has the right to stop the fight if he feels that it exceeds the confrontation rules,

Mike Tyson’s fight will be historical; it’s interesting to see him return after a long time – being in the best physical condition in years.

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