Senegal: A mysterious disease affects hundreds of fishermen


In Thiaroye, Senegal, more than 300 fishermen returned from the sea with a skin disease of unknown origin. On their face but also on the arms, many pimples have developed, sometimes impressive.

Pour tenter de découvrir l’origine de la maladie, les services de l’Environnement compte analyser de l’eau de mer. Quant à l’Institut Pasteur et le centre antipoison du ministère, ils ont aussi été sollicités pour tenter d’élucider le mystère.

A mysterious disease strikes fishers in Senegal.

On November 20, hundreds of fishers in Senegal returned from the sea with a mysterious skin disease. The Minister of Health, Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, said:

“For two days, we have indeed seen the appearance at Thiaroye (a port south of Dakar) of a so-called mysterious disease which attacks fishermen returning from sea, who often have lesions.”

300 cases identified

He also explained that “among these cases, we have 18 hospitalized. And the others are taken care of in dedicated places ”. In total, “we have identified over 300 cases. Identification continues as the fishermen return from the sea, ”he added.

Unsurprisingly, this disease was not long in worrying health authorities. Especially since it manifests itself in pimples, sometimes very impressive, on the face, arms, and even in the genitals, some patients also have other symptoms, such as headache and relatively mild fever.

Source: Le Parisien

Senegal: what is the origin of the mysterious disease of fishers?

So what is the origin of this disease, would you say? Well, to try to find out, environmental services are planning to analyze the seawater.

Meanwhile, the minister says “there is no suspicion” that the disease is contagious since “only fishermen returning from the sea are affected,” and there is no home spread.

No link to the coronavirus

Nonetheless, “What we can say today is that it is not related to Covid at all because the Covid tests were negative. And we didn’t see any viruses either. Which of course can make us think of a toxic origin ”.

This is how the Institut Pasteur and the ministry’s poison control center were called upon to analyze the disease’s causes. Today, the track of sea pollution is not excluded.

Source: RTL

The mysterious disease affecting fishers is said to be chickenpox.

However, for a Senegalese doctor, this pathology could be chickenpox. He explains that “Chickenpox is a contagious disease caused by the chickenpox virus, you only have it once in your life, after you get immunity.”

Before continuing: “Its contamination is very rapid. This is why in the fishing villages where there is a lot of promiscuity, it may seem logical that the disease affects so many people in such a short time “.

An unlikely hypothesis

However, this hypothesis seems unlikely since the Minister of Health of Senegal has affirmed that the disease does not spread to fishermen’s homes. Which therefore contradicts this theory.

Today, the mystery surrounding the disease affecting Senegalese fishers remains unresolved. But, it is certain, scientists will soon discover the cause of this pathology.

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