Atalanta stuns Liverpool, depriving him of early qualification


Atalanta surprised Liverpool and beat him with two clear goals on Wednesday evening, in Group D competitions in the first round of the Champions League competition.

Josep Ilysic (60) and Robin Goossens (64) scored the match goals.

Despite the defeat, Liverpool remained at the top of the group with 9 points, two points behind Atalanta, third on goal difference behind Ajax.

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp relied on the 4-3-3 style of play, as young Reese Williams was alongside Joel Matip in the back line’s depth, and Welshman Nico Williams occupied the right side against the presence of Greek Costas Tsimikas in the left.

In the midfield, Curtis Jones got a new opportunity to play a key side with expert James Milner and Giorgio Vinaldum, and the surprise was the participation of Belgian Divock Origi as spearhead and around him the return after an absence due to the new Coronavirus, Mohamed Salah, and Senegalese Sadio Mane.

On the other hand, Atalanta coach Gianpiero Gasperini resorted to the method of playing 3-5-2, where the backline was formed by Rafael Toloy, Christian Romero, and Berat Djemesti. Hans Hattebor and Robin Goossens stood on both sides. In the middle of the stadium were the trio Martin de Ron and Remo Frawler And Matteo Pesena, while Alejandro Gomez and Josep Ilyesic exchanged the lead roles.

Atlanta presented itself promisingly in the first ten minutes, as Romero passed a through ball on the left side to Goossens, who fired in the narrow corner to keep goalkeeper Allison away to a corner that did not bear fruit ninth minute. A minute later, Nico Williams lost the ball to Gomez, so the latter hit the side Far post.

Atalanta’s control continued, but without being able to hit the target, until the 22nd minute, when Frawler lifted a cross, Tsimikas headed it away to reach Ilyesic, who fired awkwardly towards the stands.

On the other hand, Liverpool fought the Italian with the ball to the Atalanta stadium, influenced by the Atalanta players’ dislike of the ball holder. The percentage of possession of the ball after the first half-hour had reached 52% in favor of the Italian team.

Ilysic demanded a penalty kick in the 35th minute after falling in a joint game with Tsimikas. Still, the referee ordered to continue playing, and Liverpool concluded the first half with an unfocused shot from Salah in the 44th minute.

Alison picked up a weak shot from Gomez in the 48th minute, and Liverpool’s performance improved somewhat, but reaching his opponent’s penalty area was a bit difficult.

Atalanta finally translated his advantage into a lead in the 60th minute, when Gomez elegantly raised the ball to unmarked Ilysic, who deposited it from close range.

Liverpool made 4 substitutions at once, indicating the coach Klopp’s dissatisfaction with the general performance. Salah, Vinaldum, Origi, and Tsimikas were all out, and Roberto Firmino, Fabiano, Diogo Guetta, and Annie Robertson entered.

But the Italian team was able to add the second goal in the 64th minute when Gomez sent a new cross on top of Harbor, who directed it in front of the goal so that Goossens quietly followed it into the net without supervision.

Atalanta revived his offensive line by involving Colombian Dovan Zapata in place of Ilicic, and Liverpool’s substitutes brought additional energy from the offensive aspect. Still, the presence of three defenders in the Atalanta penalty area spoiled all the English team’s efforts.

Atalanta almost scored a third goal in the 82nd minute, when Zapata received a Pescina pass, to turn around and hit over the goal.

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