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A car carrying the words “angry” hit the gate of the German chancellor’s residence

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Witnesses said that a car with phrases written on both sides crashed into the gate of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s headquarters in Berlin on Wednesday.

The car that hit Merkel's headquarters.

Pictures taken by Reuters showed the police inspecting a dark car at the gate, with the phrase “Stop Globalization Policies” written on its right side in white, and the phrase “You damned child killers and the elderly” on the other side.

No one was injured, and it was not clear if Merkel was in the building. Dozens of police personnel were deployed at the scene, and there was an ambulance. The driver, who appeared in his late middle-aged years, was taken in a wheelchair.

And the Berlin police wrote on Twitter: “An investigation is underway to find out whether the driver intentionally collided … he is in custody.

“Firefighters then moved the car, which has NWP license plates, away from the gate. No significant damage was seen on the vehicle or the fence.

Merkel was scheduled to hold a video meeting with the German states’ prime ministers to discuss extending the isolation measures and taking other measures to combat the Coronavirus.

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