Keith Lee qualifies for the upcoming triple showdown in the upcoming Raw Show


In the first showdown at Raw today, Tuesday, November 24, Keith Lee entered a vicious confrontation with US Champion Bobby Lashley.

The match has been set up to see who will advance to the # 1 competitor’s triple play next week to win the chance to compete for the WWE Championship with defending champion Drew McIntyre.

Early in the match, just before the break, there was a spooky spot where Lashley put Lee on his shoulders and tried to push him into a corner.

Instead it looked like, the captain breathed. Later in the match, Lashley was seen bleeding visibly from the side of his head, which may have been the result of the previous move.

The end of the match saw the emergence of a MVP attacking Keith Lee, which caused the decision to disqualify, thus announcing Keith Lee as winning the match.

Keith Lee joins the stars Matt Riddle and AJ Styles in a three-way fight that will take place in the next Raw Show to determine the first contender for the Federation title.

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