Corona virus, 7 infections cause hundreds of flights to be canceled

Passengers at Shanghai Pudeng International Airport last September.

Hundreds of flights were canceled, Tuesday, at the largest international airport in Shanghai, east China, after several Covid-19 cases linked to air cargo employees were detected.

And the economic capital of China (24 million people) this month indicated seven local injuries.

The majority of cases were detected in the past days at Pudong Airport, which led to a comprehensive employee checkup campaign and a plan to vaccinate vulnerable workers.

On Tuesday, more than 500 flights were canceled, or about half of the flights scheduled for this day, from Shanghai-Pudong, according to the specialist website Variflight.

More than 45 percent of flights to the airport itself were canceled.

On Sunday night, Monday, a medical team, equipped with all protective gear, took a crowd of employees to a parking lot with the aim of conducting a test to detect the emerging corona virus.

And China, where the virus first appeared last year, has managed to control the epidemic to a large extent since the spring thanks to the strategy of checks, isolation, quarantine and contact tracing. Life resumed almost normally, except in some specific foci.

In Tianjin, about 100 km southeast of Beijing, five cases of COVID-19 were recorded on Saturday, and another one on Tuesday.

About half of the flights were also canceled Tuesday at the airport of this city, which has about 15 million people, and an intensive inspection campaign was organized on a section of the population in recent days.”


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