Conte: Facing Real Madrid is like the final and we have to win


Inter coach Antonio Conte believes that meeting Real Madrid on Wednesday is like the final matches that must be decided by victory.

“For us, this confrontation is like the final,” Conte said at the press conference. “After the defeat in Madrid and the two previous draws, we don’t have many ways out.”

Conte said, “It will be a very difficult to match, we know what the Real Madrid team is, even recent history says that, if we want, we can do that and in the last match we proved this.”

“We can play well and we have to win in order to increase the team’s score,” Conte said.

Real Madrid is suffering from the absence of some key players, but Conte does not see that this will affect the Spanish team.

Conte stressed, “I do not think that Real Madrid can cry because of absences, they still have a complete and strong team.”

That there is talk about absentees makes me smile,” he added.

Conte concluded, “We still have three matches remaining and we have to score at least 7 points to ensure that we qualify, if not win them all.”

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