-USA- looks like the aliens dropped something


Last week, wildlife officers were flying over the deserts of southern Utah, counting all the large sheep that were hiding below, when they discovered something shocking: A high-rise building among the rocks was a bright red metal, protruding somewhere between 10 and 12 feet of air. “I flew over this thing,” Brett Hutchings, the pilot, told local media. Hutchings has said that the compact unit is the strangest thing I’ve come across throughout his career. ”

  • Apparently, the aliens shot something off.

In the days that followed, the helicopter crew offered several predictable explanations for the miraculous phenomenon: At first, they wondered if the structure belonged to NASA and fell from space. After concluding that it seemed unshakable, they decided it should be installed, perhaps by a “New Wave artist” or a huge fan of 2001: A Space Odyssey. But they haven’t seriously considered, at least publicly, what we all probably think: that the steel structure clearly belongs to our extraterrestrial neighbors.

The Utah DPS helicopter was assisting the DWR Count Bighorn Sheep of Utah in remote southern Utah on Wednesday when the crew encountered something totally “out of this world.” . . @ KSL5TV #KSLTV #UtahPhotojournalist: @ Photog_Steve5 pic. Twitter. Com / f8P0fayDIS

Let’s review what we know: This creature was discovered in an incredibly remote area, where humans typically don’t venture outside. If an artist or cinephile was in charge, wouldn’t he proudly offer to make this strange composition identical at this point? Are people really bored?

The most realistic scenario, in my opinion, is that the aliens are trying to build a new base on Earth, or maybe they decide to land on Earth to take advantage of it and destroy it. Because they don’t know humanity’s principles that leave no trace, they did not strive to seize all their goods and waste. I mean, does anyone know where Demi Lovato spent a few weekends?

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