Stabbed in a California church … and two people were killed


In an incident whose details have not yet been revealed, two people were killed in a stabbing accident Sunday night – Monday at a California church. In contrast, several others were “seriously injured,” according to San Jose Police and Mayor Sam Ricardo.

“Our hearts go out to the families of the two community members who succumbed to stab wounds in an attack on the Grace Baptist Church in the city center,” Ricardo said in a tweet late at night and announced that the police had arrested a suspect.

Meanwhile, San Jose Police announced on Twitter that security personnel had gone to the church following news of a stabbing incident.

She also explained that several people were injured, some of them life-threatening. She added no prayer at the time of the stabbing, but the homeless people were brought to the church due to the cold weather.

It is noteworthy that the United States witnessed several shootings in several schools or restaurants, but such a matter rarely happens inside a church.

While there has been no official confirmation about the type of attack and whether it was a terrorist, the incident comes weeks after a stabbing incident in Nice, which led to the death of 3, which drew several doubts about the California attack.


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