Snow Bucket Challenge founder dies at 37


Followers of Patrick Quinn, whose personal battle with ALS helped support the Ice Bucket Fundraising Challenge campaign, announced on Facebook that he died Sunday at 37, seven years after being diagnosed with the disease.

Queen’s Facebook page stated that the man, born in Juncker, New York, USA, co-founded the campaign that raised more than $ 220 million for scientific research on the disease.

The page notes that, in March 2013, doctors diagnosed Quinn with this disease that affects the nervous system, affecting cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle control.

His Facebook followers said, “It is with more sadness that we announce Patrick’s departure early this morning … We will continue to remember him for the inspiration and courage he provided in his ongoing fight against atrophic sclerosis.”

Messages of condolences poured in on the Quinn family on social media, and many expressed their gratitude for his efforts to shed light on the disease and the need to find a cure.

The Ice Bucket Challenge became popular on social media in the summer of 2014 when people from all over the world posted videos and pictures of them pouring buckets of ice water on their heads and defying others to do the same to raise awareness of the disease and encourage donations to the scientific research related to it.




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