China conducts Corona tests on millions … and Shanghai is in the forefront


The Chinese authorities are conducting “Covid-19” tests on millions of people and imposing a general lockdown after discovering many locally transmitted cases of Coronavirus in three cities across the country last week.

As temperatures drop, widespread measures are being taken in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Menthol. Many experts and government officials warn that the Coronavirus spreading chance will be greater during cold weather.

Recent increases have shown that there is still a risk of the virus returning, although it is largely controlled within China.

Shanghai airport personnel are undergoing extensive screening

In Shanghai, employees of the city’s largest international airport are undergoing widespread checks after a limited outbreak of Covid-19 disease was linked to several employees handling freight operations. At the same time, plans were put in place to vaccinate the most vulnerable workers.

The National Health Commission reported two new locally transmitted cases in Shanghai in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number to seven since Friday.

China has recorded 86,442 cases and 4,634 deaths since the virus was first discovered in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year.

The last two cases confirmed in Shanghai were in close contact with another airport worker diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this November.
On Sunday night, the city’s Pudong International Airport decided to test its workers, collecting 17,719 samples during the early hours of Monday morning. Plans call for testing of others in surrounding communities if more cases are discovered.

On Sunday night, Monday, health professionals invited Pudong International Airport employees to a multi-story car park to undergo a COVID-19 test. The videos posted by the Shanghai health authorities on the Internet showed dozens of people flocking to the venue.

And in Tianjin, health workers collected more than 2.2 million samples for testing from residents of Binhai New District after discovering five locally transmitted cases there last week.

The Tianjin authorities closed a kindergarten and moved all teachers, families, and students to a central quarantine place. It also closed the housing complex where the five cases were found.

In Pancholi, a city of more than 200,000 people, local health authorities screen all residents after two cases were reported on Saturday.

It also closed all schools and public places and banned public gatherings such as banquets.

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