Because of Corona … the corpses create a crisis in New York


The Wall Street Journal reported that about 650 dead bodies during the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic in New York in the spring were stored in mobile refrigerated mortuaries on the waterfront in Brooklyn.

New York was the epicenter of the epidemic during the first wave of the Coronavirus in the United States, which occurred in the spring.

In the worst daily period in New York State, over 700 people died, and over three thousand were transferred to hospitals, and to help empty the hospital morgue, refrigerators were deployed in the city in which the bodies were stored.

The newspaper reported, citing the Office of the Chief Forensic Scientist in New York, that many of the bodies were not buried, because of lack of access to their relatives, or the inability of relatives to pay the funeral costs.

The newspaper said: “About 650 bodies were stored in trucks in makeshift mortuaries set up in April at 39 Street Pier in Sunset Park”, in Brooklyn.

The Office of the Chief Forensic Scientist stated they still cannot find relatives of about 230 of the deceased, and often the deceased in such cases have lived cut off from his family, and the data on the relatives are outdated or incorrect.

The office also revealed that when the next of kin were contacted, the bodies were not received in most cases for financial reasons.

A co-owner of a funeral institution named Dmitry Sovetsk had said earlier that the coronavirus epidemic had become a test of strength not only for the health care system but also for funeral services in the city, noting that coffins because of the deaths that swept the city have become a rare commodity and that The cremation process requires a one-month wait.

The man pointed out that the funeral in New York is very expensive, and the price of a place in Washington Cemetery in central Brooklyn is 20 thousand dollars, and in cemeteries near public transportation, the cost of the place starts from 8 thousand dollars, and relatively cheap places, with a value of 5 thousand dollars per grave, are available. Today only on Long Island.

In addition, relatives must pay to dig the grave. The cost of such a service ranges from 1.5 thousand to 2000 dollars, and in some cemeteries, it can reach 2.5 thousand dollars.

Source: Novosti+ RT

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