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Erdogan calls on the European Union to fulfill his promises with Turkey

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the European Union to fulfill the promises made to Turkey in order to establish closer and more fruitful cooperation.

This came in a video call made by Erdogan, on Sunday, with participants in conferences organized by the AKP branches in several Turkish states.

He pointed out that “the Ottoman Empire has a past in Europe that lasted 600 years, and that Turkey sees itself as an integral part of Europe today.”

He explained that “Turkey was and still is the strongest member in the Western alliance, especially at the level of NATO.”

And Erdogan indicated that his country “has always preferred the West in various fields, from defense to trade, unless the other side forces it to search for other alternatives.”

He stressed that this does not mean that “Turkey will be subject to outright attacks and double standards against it and its people under various pretexts.”

He expressed his “belief that there are no problems with any state or institution impossible to solve through politics, dialogue, or negotiation.”

Addressing the European Union, he continued, “Fulfill your promises you made to our country, starting with full membership and ending with the refugee file, to establish together a closer and more fruitful cooperation.”

He added, “We express the same wish for our relations with our ally America.”

And he added, “We believe that there is a lot of work that can be done at the regional and global levels with America that respects Turkey’s concerns about the security of its borders and its defense needs.”

He also affirmed that “there is great potential for cooperation with countries of Asia and Africa, especially the Turkish-speaking republics, Russia and the Gulf countries.”

Erdogan said: “Turkey has a wide vision and wants to abandon its attempts to corner it under the pretext of rules that the owners do not abide by.”

He stated, “Turkey has no problem with the rights, interests, and unity of any country in the world. Rather, it moves under these principles.”

He stressed that “the parties hostile to Turkey are on the side of terrorist organizations, revolutionaries, or despotic regimes.”

The Turkish president said: “If exposing the endeavors to continue colonialism and injustice in our day is a sin, yes, we are guilty.”

And he added, “If standing by the oppressed and oppressed, conveying their voice to the world and protecting their rights in the field is a sin, yes, we are guilty.”

He continued, “If seeking justice, freedom, and a bright future for all is a sin, then yes, we are guilty.”

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