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Corona did not kill them, scientists monitor a mysterious increase in the world’s deaths

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Healthcare focused on Corona patients

In the year 2020, health reports focused on deaths due to infection with the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19), but researchers have observed an “ambiguous” increase in general deaths in recent months.

According to a study published in the “Public Health” medical journal, deaths not related to the Corona epidemic, that is, caused by multiple other causes, increased significantly during the first three months of the epidemic.

Experts believe that it is necessary to know the reason for this rise to address it. At the same time, the epidemic continues in the world, amid efforts to control it through vaccination campaigns.

The Corona epidemic has killed more than one million and 388 thousand people globally so far; most of them are older adults and people who were suffering from health disorders before the infection spread to it.

But the preventive measures imposed in most countries of the world to surround the epidemic have caused paralysis in the economy, services, and even treatment, which means that many patients could not find a hospital bed because the focus was entirely on Corona patients.

Since people with Corona occupied most of the beds in hospital emergency departments, this matter deprived them of other diseases of treatment opportunities in these vital departments.

And when these patients do not find a bed for treatment in the hospital, due to Corona‘s state of alert, the risk of their death increases dramatically.

In Britain, for example, health experts said that stopping several treatment services provided to people with cancer would lead to an increase in deaths that could have been avoided.

And this rise is not limited to Britain only; in the United States, the same was raised by the professor at the Carly Illinois School of Medicine, Sheldon Jacobson, and the director of the internal medicine department at the University of Illinois, Janet Jokela.

“We know that the epidemic kills people selectively. Each also appears to cause collateral deaths, that is, not directly caused by Covid 19 disease,” the experts said.

They added, “This increase in deaths is caused by the presence of the epidemic in our society and our health system, as well as its impact on our jobs and our lives. We are trying to monitor this effect in the form of data.”



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