Avoid these foods…6 foods that may cause serious infections


Inflammation is a natural way for the body to defend itself from disease, but if they get worse, they turn into a source of danger.

A report by the “Healthline” website, which specializes in scientific and medical news, pointed to a group of foods that stimulate inflammation in the body, which leads to serious chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart.

Sugar-rich food and drinks

Sugar is one of the harmful substances that contribute to exacerbating infections, which causes diseases, some of which may be dangerous.

And a scientific study conducted by the American Association for Cancer Research on mice showed that those fed diets rich in sugars had breast cancer, spreading quickly to their lungs.

In another study conducted by Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, participants in the experiment were given sugar-rich soft drinks or those known as “diet,” in addition to milk or water. The researchers found high levels of “uric acid” in those who consumed sugary drinks, which is leads to infections and insulin resistance.

Much research links eating more sugar and increasing the chances of developing serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes, liver, cancer, and kidneys.

And the “fructose” found in sugar by 50 percent causes inflammation in the cells that line the blood vessels, which are factors in heart disease.

Doctors advise avoiding foods high in added sugar, such as candy, chocolate, soft drinks, biscuits, and sweet pastries.

Sugar is a harmful substance that exacerbates inflammation

Trans fat

Trans fats are added to processed foods to extend their shelf life, such as dairy and meat. However, they cause inflammation and increase the risk of several diseases, according to a study issued by the Center for Obesity Risk Assessment in Copenhagen.

In addition to its negative role in lowering the beneficial cholesterol in the body, trans fats may impair the functions of the cells that line the arteries, thus becoming one of the causes of heart disease.

The list of foods high in trans fats includes French fries, fast food, types of margarine, pastries, and foods high in hydrogenated oils.

Refined carbohydrates

Studies indicate that ancient humans consumed carbohydrates in large quantities. Still, recent research indicates the danger of this category of foods when they are abnormal or refined. The fibers that improve the mechanism of controlling blood sugar are removed and fed the beneficial bacteria.

Scientists believe that refined carbohydrates encourage increased inflammation in the intestine, which increases the chances of obesity. A study published in the “American Journal of Nutrition” warned that those who consumed more intensively refined carbohydrates were at risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Among the foods that contain refined carbohydrates, candy, bread, pasta, pastries, biscuits, and soft drinks, in addition to those that contain added sugar in large quantities.

Processed meats

The consumption of processed meat is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stomach and colon cancer due to its richness in “glycation,” which causes severe damage to the body’s tissues and organs.


Studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption increases inflammation, as bacterial toxins exit from the colon into the body, leading to a condition called “leaky intestine,” which causes major infections that lead to organ damage.

Vegetable oils

Many scientists believe that some vegetable oils such as soybean oil cause infections because they contain very high levels of “omega-6” fatty acids, so they recommend that those concerned with food control monitor the levels of these acids to do not exceed certain levels.

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