Why did a city in the United States elect a French dog as mayor?


Each country has its realities and its lifestyle. However, those in Rabbit Hash, a small town in northern Kentucky, are beyond belief.

Indeed, the city elected a French Bulldog in the municipal election. And, what is most unlikely is that such elections are a tradition in this town in Uncle Sam’s country.

A popular French bulldog at the town hall.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the new mayor of Rabbit Hash is a 6-month-old dog by the name of Wilbur Beast. He won the election with around 13,143 votes. An impressive number of votes placing him as the most popular dog in the history of the town of Rabbit Hash.

Moreover, this election recorded the highest turnout ever. Indeed, the total number of votes cast is close to 22,985. And if you think this is due to the unusual nature of the election, you’d be wrong! This is by no means the first time that the city has elected a dog as mayor.

  • The city has never had a human mayor.

Rabbit Hash has been electing dogs to head the town hall since the 1990s. In this sense, the first mayor in the town’s history was named Goofy Borneman-Calhoun. He was elected in 1998 for a four-year term but sadly died in 2001. This was followed by dog-run mayoral elections, which continue to this day.

An unusual municipal election.

Source: Washington Post

Rabbit Hash campaigning season usually kicks off at the end of August. For this year, 2020, sixteen candidates competed to win the title of mayor. Hold on tight! Among these are majority dogs, a cat, a rooster, and a donkey.

And, votes come from all over the world, so it’s not just the townspeople who participate in the election. People have the option to vote online or at city level businesses. And to announce the results, Rabbit Hash delegated the task to his ambassador, a border collie named Lady Stone.

  • The other finalist candidates become ambassadors of the city.

Thus, the French bulldog Wilbur Beast largely beat the pitbull Brynneth Pawltro, the outgoing mayor, elected in 2016. Also, Jack Rabbit, a Beagle, and Poppy, a Golden Retriever, placed second and third, becoming the two ambassadors of Rabbit Hash with Ambassador Lady Stone. What a fun tradition, would you say, well we tell you everything!


Election of dogs for mayor in Rabbit Hash: a long story.

Source: fox19

It all begins with the celebration of 200 years of Rabbit Hash Governorate, Boone County. Therefore, all mayors have been asked to honor this event. However, Rabbit Hash did not have a mayor.

This is how a man proposed that a dog be the head of the town hall. And from there, the tradition continued allowing, at the same time, to raise funds for the maintenance of the city’s buildings. Indeed, to vote, the inhabitants pay a dollar each. The 2020 municipal election earned the municipality $ 22,985, or nearly € 19,396.

  • Dog elected as mayor: One term of unlimited duration.

Regarding the mandate, the city has made many changes. Before, when a dog took office as mayor, he remained so until his death. However, things changed in 2016 following a devastating fire that ravaged the city’s historic general store. The latter was then forced to organize an early election to raise funds for the store’s reconstruction.

We will have seen and heard everything! However, we have to admit that electing a dog as the head of a town hall is quite an unusual fact. And knowing that the locals have made this a tradition is even more confusing. But hey, after all, dogs are man’s staunch friends!

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