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An old Irishman uses a vintage stick to hunt down thieves

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An 81-year-old ex-Marine from a Chicago suburb used his grandfather’s antique Irish walking stick to chase three robbers and knock one down after hitting him in the head and causing injury.

An old Irishman uses a vintage stick to hunt down thieves

Dan and his wife, Barbara Donovan, told international newspapers that a man wearing a reflective jacket and mask knocked on their door at Niles on November 4 and said he was an attendant who needed to check the fuse box due to a fire that occurred days ago in the area.

Wife Barbara Donovan said they were downstairs with the guy looking at the circuit board; I heard the floorboards screeching upstairs and realized that something wasn’t right.

She continued, “I screamed, Danny! Someone is in our bedroom!” As her first reaction after questioning the man’s truth.

She went down the stairs, followed by her husband, and after him the attorney worker, when the couple reached the main floor and found two other men inside, one of them carrying a pillowcase from their bedroom.

Dan Donovan began trying to chase the three men out of their home when he grabbed an antique Irish walking stick in the couple’s corner’s dining room.

“I was trying to find some disguised weapon,” he said, adding, “so I picked up the Irish wand, and it turned out that was the equalizer because I was able to kick them out of the house.”

Donovan hit the man with the stick in the back of his head, and the robbers ran out, but Donovan, who was barefoot, followed him using the stick with blows to the windshield and rear window of the men’s SUV before they fled.

He said, “I hope the blow to the head caused more than a headache, and we hope they pursue another career.”

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