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Weight Loss Diet .. When Does Weight Gain Not a Health Concern

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Sports practitioners are keen to follow a healthy, strict diet, in order to get the body they dream of, while the options available to them range from what is known as “blotting” or “bulking up.”

Some find themselves confused about the most appropriate diet for their condition, and here experts say it depends on each person’s condition.

What is meant by “blotting” is to follow a strict diet to lose weight and fat mass, which reduces calories?

For example, if a person needs 2,200 calories per day, then what is required in his case is to reduce his daily intake by a certain amount, so it becomes 1800, 1500, or less.

A person loses weight when he consumes less than he needs from the calories that provide the necessary energy, but this diet requires eating “healthy meals” to see good results.

Thus, “blotting” is appropriate for people whose body contains high fat, but following it in an unhealthy manner may cause body’s problems.

Experts believe that the ideal proportion of fat differs between men and women. It varies between one age and the other because the recommended percentage of young people is different from what is required with age.

It is known among health experts that the proportion of fat is higher in women’s bodies than in men. A man whose body fat percentage exceeds 23 percent of his body mass and who is between the ages of 20 and 29 years is in a “worrying” position, while anxiety begins in the case of a girl of the same Age group with a fat percentage of more than 27.2%.

If a person who plays sports can lose a significant percentage of fat and is at a level of less than 15 percent, he can turn to what is known as the “amplification” system to gain weight.

It is required to increase muscle mass, not fat, which requires an increase in the daily intake of calories, but with care to eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates because more saturated fats would increase fat mass in turn.

Sports experts say that the fats accumulate in the bodywork to surround the muscles and prevent them from appearing remarkably in the body.

As for obtaining results, it requires constant exercise and eating high-quality foods, such as low-fat meats and vegetables, and what are known as complex carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes, as these foods should constitute 80 percent of the diet.

Meanwhile, the remaining 20 percent of your calorie intake could be from fat, sugar, and the unhealthy foods that dieters typically eat.

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