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Unusual. A parrot saves its owner from a serious fire

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Parrots are often very annoying creatures due to their tendency to repeat everything they hear. And yet, these can sometimes be of great use due to their vocal appeal, as this story proves.

An Australian named Anton Nguyen was barely saved from a fire by his parrot, Eric. Indeed, while he was sleeping soundly, the latter alerted him by shouting his name, saving him from certain death.

Nguyen, barely saved by his parrot.


Source: need pix

Animals that show their love and loyalty to their owners are seen every day. However, saving the life of its owner in a fire, a parrot named Eric has forever captured the heart of its master.

The man living in Brisbane, Queensland, was sleeping when he felt a loud bang followed by the parrot’s screams that woke him up. “Eric started screaming (my name), so I got up and smelled smoke,” the man said.

  • Flames stormed the house.

It was after Anton realized that the house had caught fire. And of course, at the sight of the fire, it took the owner no more to scamper away to save his life and that of his parrot. And with good reason given the nature of the fire!

A serious fire that consumed the whole house.

The fire, as shown by the media, was incredibly serious. Indeed, after arriving at the scene at around 2:30 a.m., it took the firefighters over an hour and a half to put out the fire. However, there was little they could do for the house and the things inside; the fire had consumed everything.

How lucky the firefighters limited the damage to this one property given the scale of the fire! This made Anton and his pet’s neighbors feel more secure.

  • The owner and the parrot alive after the fire.

Unsurprisingly, the owner of the parrot and the fire-ravaged house was in shock. However, despite losing all of his possessions in the fire, the man is more than grateful to be alive. And he owes everything to his faithful friend, who did everything to save him.

“Everything will be fine as long as my parrot and I are well,” the owner told local media after the fire, as the story went viral for its unusual nature.

A parrot is more efficient than smoke detectors.

A parrot more efficient than smoke detectors

Source: BBC

One of the specifics of this story is that the animal’s cries far preceded the smoke detectors. This allowed the owner of the parrot to escape in time, despite the severity of the fire.

Eric’s noble deed demonstrated that parrots are more than just animals with vocal attributes. Usually, they use their voices to locate other members of their troop. As pets, they see their owners as part of their flock.

  • Parrots, superheroes?

Therefore, they can use their voice to warn them of danger or to call for help. Fortunately for this case, the parrot saw the flames as a danger and called out its owner’s name to save it from the fire.

This unusual event will certainly call into question the true usefulness of a parrot. Glad that, in this case, a man’s life was saved.

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