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The first lady of Argentina sues “Google”

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Argentina’s first lady, Fabiola Yanez, went to court on Wednesday to compel Google to justify a position the partner of President Alberto Fernandez deemed “defamatory to women.”

A complaint was filed with the Buenos Aires Civil and Commercial Court after “a disgraceful address where the name and profession of the first lady” were to appear in the information package on the right of the search engine page, her attorney Luis Goldin said in the current situation.

“In the dynamic panel of the primary search engine on the site, instead of describing her profession, she was described in an insulting and defamatory manner, as her full name was supposed to be mentioned,” the complaint said.

When Yanez’s career is searched on Google, the first lady is described as not having taken an active role, besides changing her name.

Yáñez is a 39-year-old journalist and actress who has been in a relationship with the Argentine president since 2014. As the First Lady, she leads charitable work, especially with children, and posts photos of her campaigns on her personal Instagram account without sharing. In political activities.

In the complaint, Agnes also asked the judiciary to explain and “precisely” how he had published this description and how long it had appeared and to review “the actions the company has taken regarding this post.”

It was Vice President Cristina Kirchner who reported the attack on her search engine partner to Fernandez and recommended her private attorney, Louis Goldin, who is representing her in another lawsuit against Google in August after it was labeled a “Argentine nation’s thief”.

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