Novak Djokovic to the semi-finals of the Masters Tournament


Djokovic completes the golden square ribs in the Final Master’s Tournament.


Serbian Novak Djokovic qualified for the semi-finals of the final master’s tournament on Friday, after beating German Alexander Zverev in two clean sets.
And the world number one, Djokovic, managed to win the decisive match to reserve the second ticket in the “Tokyo 1970” group in his favor in two groups without a response, 6-3 and 7-6, within one hour and 36 minutes.


With two wins and a loss, Djokovic qualified as a runner-up in the group and will face the “London 2020” group leader, Austrian Dominic Thiem.

The second semi-final match will bring together Russian Daniel Medvedev, leader of “Tokyo 1970”, and Spain’s Rafael Nadal, runner-up in “London 2020”.
The final Master’s tournament is held in London and annually gathers the eight best players during the season.

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