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In addition to the elections, Trump on the verge of losing his wife, Melania

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The consequences of Donald Trump’s defeat in the US election still do not end. As proof, it seems that Melania Trump is in a hurry to divorce him.

Indeed, a former collaborator of the White House affirmed that the outgoing first lady counts the minutes which hold her with Trump. According to her words, Melania risks a lot if she leaves her husband while he is still in power.

Donald Trump-Melania: A divorce insight?

In the aftermath of the presidential elections, the situation does not seem to be going for the best on Trump’s side. After losing power, he is also said to be on the verge of losing his wife, Melania Trump. Former White House collaborators relayed the information.

According to the latter, the first lady is anxious to part ways with her husband. Consequently, Trump risks losing two things in January: his place in the White House and his wife. Indeed, Stephanie Wolkoff confided that Melania had negotiated a post-nuptial contract, but for what purpose?

A post-nuptial agreement to ensure an inheritance for the couple’s son.

According to former assistant Stephanie Wolkoff, the purpose of this post-nuptial agreement was to ensure that the couple’s son (Baron) could enjoy an equal share of Donald Trump’s fortune. Going back to Trump’s election, we remember it took five months for Melania to settle in Washington. In fact, it was, according to Mail on Sunday, to negotiate a deal to secure Baron a fortune.

Trump-Melania: a relationship assimilated to a transactional marriage?

According to Stephanie, the Trump-Melania couple had separate bedrooms at the White House despite having married for 15 years. Thus, she characterized their marriage as a “transactional” relationship.

Subsequently, another aide named Omarosa Manigault Newman added, according to the Star Online site, that Melania is currently counting the time left for Trump to step down. As a result, she will be able to divorce and free herself from this “marriage.”

A couple sometimes in love, sometimes hateful.

Newman continues this momentum by describing the Trump-Melania relationship as a strange marriage. In fact, sometimes the couple shows love, sometimes Melania feels rejected by her husband. The question is why Melania should wait until Trump leaves office to divorce.

Leave Trump? A terrible choice.

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According to former White House adviser Omarosa, leaving before Trump leaves office is a decision that can cost the first lady dearly. And for a good reason, Trump will not hesitate to move heaven and earth to punish her for her actions.

Note that Omarosa Manigault Newman, who is African-American, was the center of a buzz in July. She had made serious revelations about the “racist” character of President Trump. The latter would have used, according to her, a racial insult during the filming of “The Apprentice.”

Did Melania ask Trump to hand over power?

Simultaneously, in the presidential elections, CNN said that Melania Trump was among the few people who asked Trump, after his fraud charges, to admit victory to Joe Biden. The goal is to allow the continuity of the presidential transition in the United States.

Now that Trump has lost the election, assumptions, and theories about the future of his marriage to Melania continue to grow. However, it seems that the couple is not ready to separate.


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