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Youtuber Marvel Fitness released before his appeal trial

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The 31-year-old YouTuber was sentenced to two years in prison, one of which was closed at the end of September.

YouTuber Marvel Fitness has made a name for himself with videos on sports and bodybuilding. 
(Illustration) YouTube / Marvel Fitness screenshot

He had received a heavy sentence at the beginning of the fall. Yououtubeur Marvel Fitness, who was sentenced to one year in prison on September 21, was released on Wednesday before his appeal trial scheduled for December 15. He announced his lawyers Juan Branco and Audrey Bou-Chalhoub.

The bodybuilding specialist, who had been imprisoned in Bois-d’Arcy after his conviction, was able to leave prison in the afternoon after deliberation by the Court of Appeal of Versailles. The videographer’s advice had indeed requested his release during a hearing in early November. “We won on a first battle,” greeted Me Bou-Chalhoub with the Parisian.

The case’s merits are yet to be reviewed in a little less than a month by the Court. “It will now be with my colleague from Versailles Audrey Bou Chalhoub to bring out the truth definitively on December 15 during the hearing on the merits”, reacted Juan Branco on Twitter.

Accused of inciting “digital raids.”

The 31-year-old Youtuber was sentenced to two years in prison, including one year with a warrant of committal by the Versailles criminal court on September 21 for moral harassment and violence against a lawyer.

Several Internet users notably accused him, and their lawyer referred to in turn – of having encouraged “digital raids” against them. The victims said they had received insults and floods of messages calling on victims to commit suicide.

In total, “dozens of YouTube videos, thousands of public stories (these ephemeral videos posted on Instagram), hundreds of tweets posted by Internet users, most often anonymous. In all, there are several thousand documents that feed the file, ”then told the lawyer for the victims, Me Laure-Alice Bouvier, in Paris, before the start of the first trial.

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