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TRUMP’S ATTORNEY: We have evidence of fraud in several states

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Rudy Giuliani, attorney for US President Donald Trump, announced that there is firm evidence in the election campaign of massive fraud in several states during the November elections.

He said in a press conference Thursday: “Trump would have been impossible to lose Philadelphia had it not been for the fraud. When we started representing the president, we encountered strange results, and the president was ahead in the elections.”

The attorney for the US President emphasized that voting by mail is always subject to fraud and corruption, and we must look carefully at it, noting that the major cities controlled by the Democrats have witnessed fraud.

  • Trump: The election result will change and we are on the winning path

Trump said the election result would change in favor of the Republicans with the discovery of thousands of untold Georgia ballots.

The outgoing President Donald Trump added, in a tweet on his Twitter account, Thursday: “We are on the right path to victory.”

  • Trump Administration Officials Contact Biden Team ‘Confidential’

Trump insists on not accepting the defeat and continues to prosecute without providing evidence that a young man has rigged the electoral process and deprived him of the second presidential term.

The Trump campaign filed a series of cases, claiming that Republican observers could not enter to monitor the electoral vote counts in important states where the competition was strong.

Source: Al-Ain

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