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To have males .. They raped a girl and stole her lungs for use with magic.

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Indian police announced that they found the body of a 7-year-old girl, who was gang-raped, and her lungs were extracted for use in “black magic” rituals.


According to what was reported by “Asia News,” the girl was found who disappeared in the middle of this month in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, and her body showed signs of torture, and her chest was opened to her lungs were stolen.

The police said that the lungs of the raped girl were removed to perform some magic rituals, as there is a misconception that the two organs help a woman conceive males.

Rape in India.

The authorities were able to arrest two people who confessed to the crime, and the wife of one of them was arrested for covering up the incident and not reporting it to the police.

The latest government data, published in January, indicated that in 2018 Indian authorities received a report of a woman being raped every 15 minutes on average.

According to Reuters, women reported nearly 34,000 rape cases in 2018, a number that has little change from the previous year.

Just over 85 percent of these cases ended with charges, and 27 percent convicted, according to the annual crime report issued by the Ministry of Interior.

Women’s rights groups say crimes against women are often taken less seriously.

“Men still run this country; Indira Gandhi is one that won’t change things. Most of the judges are still men,” said Lalita Kumaramangalam, former chair of the National Committee for Women and a member of the BJP.

She added, “There are only a very few forensic laboratories in the country, and the speedy courts have very few judges.”

A study conducted by the Center for Law and Policy Research in Bangalore in 2015 indicated that the express courts did hear cases faster but did not deal with many cases.

A 2016 study found that these courts take an average of 8.5 months per case, four times more than the recommended period.

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