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Biden: What Trump is doing is illegal. “The matter will be settled soon.”

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US President-elect Joe Biden accused, on Thursday evening, US President Donald Trump of “irresponsibility” in his quest to stay in power, showing that what Trump is doing is illegal and causes a setback in our history and the matter will be settled soon.

Biden told reporters that Americans “witness unreasonable irresponsibility and harmful and unreasonable messages sent to the rest of the world about how democracy works.”

Biden stressed he would not impose a comprehensive national lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, despite the high number of HIV infections.

He said, “There are no circumstances that I think require a comprehensive national lockdown. I think that will be counterproductive.”

During his speech, the US President-elect announced he had chosen a treasury secretary who would be accepted by the entire spectrum of the Democratic Party and would be announced soon.

He stated, “We decided and we will inform you of it before or after Thanksgiving Day,” which is celebrated on November 26th.

In the context, Biden said: “If the current administration maintains a lack of cooperation with us, this may claim the lives of over 400,000 new victims of the Coronavirus.”

He continued: “We stressed during the meeting with several state governors that Corona must be confronted away from ideological positions.”

Source: Sky News


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