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Pfizer: We are in touch with the Biden transition team

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The American company “Pfizer,” which is working to develop a vaccine against the Coronavirus, announced that it is in contact with the “transition team” formed by the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

The company’s spokeswoman, Sharon Castillo, said in an interview with the Associated Press that the company is seeking to inform all parties concerned about developing the vaccine.

She added that this matter is not related to politics, noting that the company also provides information to the administration of President Donald Trump, state governors, and members of Congress from both Democrats and Republicans.

And Ron Klein, whom Biden appointed as the head of the cadres in his team, who will assume this position in the White House if Biden wins, said that representatives of the Democratic candidate’s team are preparing to make contacts with designers of potential vaccines against Coronavirus.

He added that the team’s advisors would hold meetings this week with representatives of major pharmaceutical companies working to develop vaccines.

  • Source: Agencies.

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