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Pfizer to the world: Our vaccine efficacy has increased to 95%

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The company “Pfizer” said, Wednesday, that its vaccine, which it is developing in partnership with the German “Biotech,” has proven to be 95 percent effective for preventing the emerging coronavirus and that it has met the safety standards necessary to obtain approval from medical authorities for “emergency” use.

“Pfizer” and “Biotech” are planning to present their vaccine to obtain approval for emergency use within days before sharing it with the rest of the countries around the world.

As mentioned, the vaccine’s final efficacy analysis reached 95 percent within 28 days of the first dose, which is higher than that announced last week for the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine.

The vaccine achieved 94 percent effectiveness in the age group over 65 years of age. No serious safety concerns were reported, as 2 percent of the 43,000 people who participated in the trials reported having headaches. In comparison, 3.7 percent said they had a headache. They suffered from stress.

The two companies, “Pfizer” and “Biotech,” announced Monday that the vaccine against Covid-19 that they are developing is “90 percent effective”, after preliminary analysis of the results of the third phase of clinical trials, which is the last before applying for licensing.

The two companies said in a joint statement that “this effectiveness of the vaccine” was measured by comparing the number of participants who were infected with the emerging coronavirus in the group that received the vaccine and the number of infected people in another group who received a placebo vaccine, seven days after receiving the second dose and 28 days after receiving the first dose. As reported, “Agence France Presse.”

The vaccine creates nucleic acids that stimulate cells in the human body to produce proteins similar to the virus. Those proteins would trigger the human body’s immune response against the Coronavirus.

And “Pfizer” has an agreement to sell 100 million doses of its vaccine to the United States government and gives it the option to purchase 500 million additional doses. The company is also in talks with other governments, including the European Union, about similar deals.

The testing protocol provides for a relatively quick analysis of data. Still, scientists, biologists, and experts in clinical tests have warned of the dangers of granting accelerated approval and prefer to test the vaccine for a few additional months to ensure its effectiveness and possible side effects.

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