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YouTube launches audio ads to target listeners

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Many users on the youtube platform hardly look at what appears on the screen, as they play the clips while working or perhaps studying, so traditional ads that focus on the image lose their role, so YouTube created what it called audio ads.

These ads are based on the principle that the voice is the owner of the major role in delivering the advertising message, and it is installed on a still image or some animation. Still, there is no usual video, but the sound is everything.

Audio ads will be the best way companies can use them to target listeners to songs or music videos that people usually play to listen to music besides doing their usual tasks.

Google says that testing these ad units in their brand awareness campaigns led to an increase of about 75%, proving they are effective for this goal.

Google is offering its new ad unit as a beta, and advertisers can use the same usual targeting options.

Source: tech-wd

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